25 August 2008

Poop in a Pile

As a teacher, a good planbook was usually enough to keep me on track from day to day. Working in a district level job meant becoming accustomed to an Outlook calendar that others could see. I needed a slightly different system for hard copies of information, simply because there were more stakeholders and events I needed to track. And now? It's a whole other ball game with the new job. I still have my Outlook calendar, but now there are several people using it---adding on meetings on my behalf, creating new contact information for me, and so on. I'm not quite as in charge of my own destiny anymore. As for the meetings I attend and the events I am a part of? That is changing, too. There are far more projects to track than ever before...more details than is reasonable to keep in my agenda. So, I'm moving to an index card system for now.

Here is the front and back of what I will use for meetings:

And the front and back for events:

The idea here is that when something pops up my calendar, I can start a card. The cards can either live in a pocket in my agenda, or in a Card Bleacher like this:

They will be easy to carry to meetings or hand off to support staff. And when the meeting/event is done, I can simply archive them in a card box. They'll be ready to pull out at a moment's notice in case there are any questions later on. While I know that all of this could be done digitally, these options are not so simple "in the moment." What I mean is that with a Palm or Apple device, quick notetaking during meetings isn't that easy. I can certainly see that either scanning the cards or taking a photo of them that this then uploaded to Evernote might be another strategy for archiving when all is said and done.

The goal here is to keep my poop in a pile. I have more people than ever counting on me to do so. Perhaps the new tools will help keep the pieces in place. If I find some others along the way, I'll share those, too.

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EdWonk said...

I use something like that myself; it sure saves time!