11 August 2008


I've wandered lots of "Back to School" aisles recently. And even with my fetish for office supplies, I have managed to resist most of my urges. This year, I don't need to stock up on glue sticks or colored pencils. I won't need a cute lesson planning notebook or a box of green pens. The fact is, I don't even have a solid job description yet. I won't see my office space until my third day on the job---so I haven't a clue what I should take to my new place. My professional library? Artwork for a wall? Files? It feels odd to show up to a new job with nothing more than the clothes on my back.

And yet, the start of another school year brings out my nesting instincts. While other teachers are busy setting up their classrooms, I can only anticipate what might lie ahead for me.

I replaced my 9-year old car. I have a new lunch box, haircut, and have tried to stock up on toiletries and other home sundries so that I can just focus on the new job for awhile. I have a couple of bags of stationery goodies to stock my new workspace. I bought some blank CDs and have been loading them with songs and audiobooks for my new extensive commute. I've made oodles of phone calls to deal with different accounts/issues and had many more pleasant visits with friends. I've run errands to take care of all those little things I've been putting off---like getting a bag repaired. I cancelled my Netflix (for now) and reordered my favourite pencils. My computer has all of its updates installed. Ive had lunch at some of the places I like best, knowing it may be some time before I get to enjoy them again. Laundry and dishes are done. Miscellaneous filing and household chores are complete, too.

At first, I worried that starting work on Thursday would be too soon...that I would need more transition time. But with all of the nesting I've been doing, I think I'm actually ready to fly.


Clix said...

Oo boy. I didn't get enough sleep, obviously.

You mentioned "stationery goodies" and of course I noticed the potential oops "stationary goodies" which somehow brought to mind NON-stationary goodies...

So I was picturing your lovely big mahogany desk with wee Fun Size Twix and Snickers and Three Musketeers bars jumping around and giggling naughtily.

Boing boing boing!

The Science Goddess said...

That is quite the visual. LOL

I'll keep my camera handy...just in case.