27 August 2008

Feast for the Senses

It's Wednesday: Carnival Time. So, beat your feat over to the last one before school kicks off for another year.

Since the word Carnival implies flesh, why not also visit Fleshmap: Studies of Desire? Most of it is safe for work (if you're reading this from there); but know that there are images of body parts of all types in case your employer might frown on such things. The site contains an amazing display of information on the senses of "touch, look, listen." One of my favourite visualizations relates to music (click to embiggen, or better yet, go see the original page):

"What do we sing about when we sing about the body? The chart, based on a sample of thousands of songs, tells the story. The size of the circle corresponds to how often that part is mentioned in a particular genre." Anyone want to guess which column represents hiphop? :)

Enjoy your Wednesday. Get out and give all of your senses a feast to remember.

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