14 August 2008

An Awfully Big Adventure

By the time Blogger posts this for me, I'll be far far away from my little house and the quiet life I've lived over the past few weeks. It's the first day of school for me, in a sense: My first day of my new career.

I don't remember my first day of school as a k-12 student---not for any grade level. All I remember from my first day of college was the huge crush of people, after I went from a town of 5000 people to a campus with 50,000. My first day as a teacher? Positively amnesic about it, although for some reason, I do remember the dress that I wore (navy blue, sailor style...with a white belt). I suppose firsts should carry some significance. Maybe this next one will.

There are some advantages to being the n00b. It's never okay to be stupid, but it is acceptable to be ignorant for the first few months. One can say "No." far more easily while learning the ropes. There will be any number of odd situations and trials by fire that will make for great stories later. I will have to expect the unexpected and be ready to jump into all sorts of things I would never have anticipated as a classroom teacher. Federal grants? Standards revision? Presenting to legislators? Working with science coaches across the state? Developing k-12 training materials? All part of what may well be on my plate...the makings of an awfully big adventure.

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