30 July 2008

Wednesday Distractions

While I'm away giving my workshop and tending to other interesting business today, have a look at this week's Carnival of Education. It's hosted by The Chancellor's New Clothes and, as usual, contains a round-up of great posts from around the edusphere.

Too heavy for you on a summery Wednesday? Why not try some of these instead? After all, one cannot live by education feeds alone.
  • It's Lovely! I'll Take It! has quite the collection of real estate listings, bringing a whole new level of understanding to the term "fixer upper."
  • On a diet? No? Well, either way, you won't be hungry for dessert after looking at these Cake Wrecks. This is what happens when good baking goes bad.
  • If bad grammar and punctuation make you twitchy, then don't visit Apostrophe Abuse, Apostrophism, the English Fail Blog, or the Grammar Blog. However, if you are stout of heart, then I highly recommend you have a look at all of them. I tell my students that if they can't be good examples, then they'll just have to be terrible warnings. These blogs are full of warnings...often hilarious ones.
Here's hoping your Wednesday is full of laughter and learning!


Travis A. Wittwer said...

Hello Science Goddess, educator of education, Marm to the many,

I have received a meme from Nancy Flanagan, and wanted to tag you with it as I appreciate and respect your work. I (also) just noticed that Nancy's blog is on your blogroll.

Here is the link for the "tag" http://www.storiesfromschool.org/2008/08/meme-five-thing.html

In addition, being a science person you may find a silly video that my fellow science teacher and students made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX14Ai6oFsI

I apologize for the invite being in the comments, but it was the only way I found to contact you. Hope you join in.


The Science Goddess said...

Would love to join in the fun. Thank you for the invitation!