07 July 2008

Size Isn't Everything

I'm still poking along on my grading workshop that I'm facilitating in three weeks. My problem is that now that I'm down to the nitty gritty of what to actually say and do with the group, the whole project keeps growing. I keep remembering little anecdotes to share...pieces of articles that are good for provoking thought...and quotes from the research that make powerful statements. So what I originally think might be a 15-minute segment grows into something twice as long.

Meanwhile, this is supposed to be a workshop. To me, that means that the participants talk and do things---I should just be facilitating the learning. People aren't giving up their summer holiday and paying good money to see me on a soapbox. And yet there is so much I could share. I feel the tug of becoming a bad teacher---the kind who feels they have to show all of their learning while the captive audience yawns. I am trying very hard to resist that pull.

I "only" have three hours. I keep reminding myself that some things are just going to have to be left off the program. I need to pick my very best stuff---the things I feel I absolutely must say (presentation mode) and then include lots of opportunities for people to "play" with the ideas for themselves. I have to remember that the size of my knowledge base isn't everything that needs to be shared at that time. But if I build things just right, they'll come back for more.

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