14 June 2008

Trivial Pursuit

Easy Button by Leo Reynolds CC-BY-NC-SA
I wish I'd had one of these buttons with me this morning. I took the elementary endorsement test for Washington...and "That was easy." One of the people there was taking a test for the sixth time. I'm hoping that she just suffers from poor test-taking skills, because if she doesn't know the content well enough to pass one of these tests...well, she probably shouldn't be trying to impart anything to kids.

I did the science and math questions first (natch). During the social studies part of the test, I realized that taking this test was a lot like playing Trivial Pursuit. What is the Rosetta Stone? Which
Trivial Pursuit by andyburnfield CC-BY-NC-SA
countries did the Truman Doctrine support?
All that was missing were some little plastic wedge shapes for completion of each part of the test.

I take my other test---the Texas version---next week. I should have all my results and paperwork done in a month...and then I'll be "highly qualified' to teach small people. I'm not particularly interested in having my own classroom, but the endorsement will make me more marketable for coaching jobs and other positions. It's a trivial pursuit for now, but it will be sure to play a role in much larger events later.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything on the tests actually about how to teach? The content is available in the Teacher Manual, but the know how with kids and administrators can be really tough

The Science Goddess said...

I agree that it can be tough---but no, there are no questions on the tests about how to teach. The Texas version does make an attempt at things by providing scenarios. I wonder if there could really be a test out there which could assess one's teaching ability.