20 June 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

Yesterday was bittersweet. The elementary kids were a delight to watch---their pride in their school and enthusiasm for summer gave me nothing but smiles. Turning in my keys and saying good-bye to all my new friends and colleagues? Not so much fun. School budgets being what they are, there is no room for someone in my position.

Today is the last day for my morning school and my duties will be complete at 9:30. Grades, keys, and my parking tag have been turned in. I was fortunate to have great kids this year in my classes and I wish them all the best as they move onward with their lives. As for the adults who are only interested in doing what’s best for themselves and keeping the status quo, I don’t think I will be giving them a second thought.

It is time to say “Goodbye.” to the 2007 – 2008 school year. But more importantly, I’m ready to say “Hello!” to summer.


ms-teacher said...

Well I hope that you have a nice, relaxing summer! Where will you teach next year?

The Science Goddess said...

I'm not sure where I'll land. I do have a contract available, but it would certainly not be my first choice of assignments. Things should be sorted out by the first of August. July will be a rollercoaster, I'm sure.

Here's hoping for a great summer for you, too!