15 June 2008

Serving It Up on Father's Day

I'm not a dad, but Father's Day makes me think of backyard grilling. And on a day like today where the sun is actually shining and the urge to be outside overrides things like writing final exams or doing the dishes, I wish that I had one of these toys to play with. Prep space, container for charcoal, places to hang the tools, and more---all with a propane starter so that you can have charcoal grilled taste without dealing with lighter fluid and butane lighters. Weber's Performer is a thing of beauty, don't you agree? The only problem is that one needs a sugar daddy in order to afford one of these grills. :)

It is almost summer holiday here. I owe one district five days and another four days of work. Final exams start Tuesday for my high schoolers and Field Day will be happening tomorrow for the elementary crowd. There are end of year parties and last minute details filling up the calendar. And there are some long lazy days stretching out from there. All I need is a grill to keep me company.

Happy Father's Day to you dads out there.

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