13 June 2008

NSTA Bound

I've been sending out some proposals in order to present at various conferences. I've been marinating in a lot of learning for the last few years. It's time to give back...time to get my name out and about. I presented at WERA this spring...OSPI is on tap for the summer...and now NSTA is letting me join in on the fun in the fall. (I am hoping for ASCD next spring.)

If you find yourself in the Portland, Oregon, area in the fall, come join me for a rollicking good hour around standards-based grading at the NSTA regional convention.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

I predict that you're gonna go big-time. Good for you, a loss for the kids. (Eh, can't have it both ways, cuz yer too young to retire!)

Ah, well...to bad for the kids. The teachers need you more. ;)


The Science Goddess said...

I hope to be able to build a good base...get my name out there a bit more and start some consulting...write a book.

Gotta finish my degree first. LOL