11 June 2008

Mini-Carnival Wednesday

You can visit this week's Carnival of Education over at Learn Me Good. I also have a collection of posts of note that I hope you'll enjoy:
  • Dina over at The Line has posted her personal Report Card for the school year. I usually do a post like this when I reach the end, but I might just say "Ditto." in terms of what she's written. It's a great reflective post summoning up all those things we as teachers want to be for ourselves and students.
  • Doug of The Blue Skunk Blog recently gave a commencement speech which encompassed Everything I Know in 15 Minutes. It's chock full of great stories and advice. Even if you aren't setting out on a new pathway in life, I urge you to read it and think about rejuvenating yourself for the road you are already taking.
  • John is wondering "Will 'Everybody' Come to School?" This is his first part of a short series of thoughts on Clay Shirky's "Here Comes Everybody" and its implications for eduction. As regs here know, this book has been much on my mind, too. I am enjoying seeing what ideas it is sparking for others.
  • A Letter to My Colleagues is on Susan's mind from 21st Century Learning. It's a thoughtful post on how technology is and will continue to change education. Teachers may never be obsolete, but those who can't grow may find themselves in that position.
  • You may have seen a new term out and about: Edupunk. Visit David to read more about Anarchy in the Classroom. I can certainly identify with the need to shift our pedagogy---even if that means taking matters into our own hands.
Click away and spend a Wednesday with some worthwhile reading from around the Edusphere!

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