09 June 2008

Left Out in the Cold

News media in the area are running a story about a mother who may be charged with neglect after she locked her son out of the house for four hours. The boy had snuck out. She suspects he steals things from her and smokes pot. She called the police and asked that they take him to juvy because he wouldn't follow her rules. The police declined, but did take him into protective custody because he wasn't appropriately dressed to be outside for an extended time.

The comments people are leaving about this story are tragic. A sample is below (including misspellings or other errors):
  • Let us hope the community rallies around the mother if the facts of this story are true. It's time for parents to tell the police, the state, the ACLU to keep out of the discipling of our children so that parents can teach them a lesson. If the kids don't like it, don't disrespect nor ignore the rules in which your parents lay out for you. I hope the kid goes to juvinile detention.
  • They better leave her alone. If a 15 year old disobeys his mom, he deserves to be locked out! Let the little brat learn a lesson. Do the coppers want to coddle delinquents now? The mother needs support from the law!
  • I just tell my "kids" who are having a hard time with the rules that if they leave the house without permission I call the cops and say they are runaways. If they do not want to live in the house and follow the rules find someplace that will put up with their nonsense. Most decide to stay because they know what it is like out there. The other part to this is we have to find a way to communicate. I also will take them for a drug test if I suspect they are doing drugs. That is the real wake up call for some. It is not easy but if we don't teach our kids that we are the ones in control they walk all over us. I was once told by a social worker that it was ok to lock a kid out of my house when I was going to be gone. So what are parents to do?
  • KUDOS to you mom...and keep it up! Next step...file an At Risk Youth Petition!!! All of us mothers and fathers of these out of control kids need to take back our rights!Unfortunately the "system" here tends to side with the kids...while we as parents are financially and legally responsible for the little buggers actions! The county doesn't care that the kid may have smoked dope! We hauled our kid in while in possession of dope and what happens? Sherriffs office tells us that technically it is US who is in possession at that moment and that they should be arresting US, and to take our kid home!! BTW, you can now buy at home drug tests with immediate results at Walgreens. And when you do call them in as a runaway to 911, make sure Cencon doesn't "lose" the call! Thinking I might need to start a support group for parents of cr@ppy teens....hmm.
  • I, myself would sign a petition to get the parents' rights back! SPOILED, rotten teens and children are now taking things WAY too far these days, and are allowed to get away with FAR too much! And what is there for punishment? Take away their TV? So they run away....and then blame US for not letting them back IN!? Punish US for putting our foot down on the bad behavior!? The kid was by NO means freezing to death! Uncomfortable? I don't DOUBT it! Hypothermic? No. The little S**T decided to strut his big, bad self around town with his pals in DEFIANCE of the mother and was JUSTLY punished for it! What's left to do but lock the little brats out?! We can't SPANK any longer! God FORBID we even THINK of it! CPS would be called IMMEDIATELY, whether we did or NOT! Simply for the THREAT of it! And WHO would be in trouble with the law for even the THREAT!? The PARENT! Because little Suzy or Timmy didn't like the THOUGHT of not getting their way and the decided to cry "wolf" or lie through their teeth saying they WERE spanked! I say KUDOS to the mamma for teaching this little brat a lesson! SHAME on the state for attempting to prosecute! SHAME on you! It's you and your child-lenient laws that are allowing society go down the shi**er!
  • Have the kid emancipated & give him sui juris rights. Then the mother can move on with her life & not have to worry about the brat living in her house or being responsible for him anymore.
  • By the looks of this story, if it correct; Dad is MIA. Even IF he is in the home, he is obviously ABSENT. The lefty liberals say "It takes a village to raise a child", but this is the fallacy. The lefty liberal villagers are really a pack of rabid, ravenous wolves dressed and police officers, school teachers / couselors, child protective service workers, newspaper writers, procecutors, lawyers, and judges salivating for the opportunity to tear down, apart and to peices a single mom, struggling to raise an adopted, fatherless, outta control young man. Tear apart the very last remaining remnant of faimily, as surely and skillfully as the hands of the abortionist. Instead to helping, protecting, serving the community, repairing, and reconciling they lay in wait then viscously attack us, the hands that feeds them.
  • This woman should be made an example of. She adopted the kid and acts as though he is disposable. Cute little foster kids turn into teenagers eventually! Lock her up and let this kid go back to his real family.
  • Some liberal hack of a teacher/counselor probably filled the kid's head with all kinds of crap regarding his "rights" so he pulls this BS on his mom. Kudos to mom for putting her foot down and showing the future miscreant who lays down the law in the home. The prosecutors had better have more important things to do with their time than harass this mother, she has enough problems as it is.
  • Sounds to me the kid needs a good spank. Of course that would be child abuse.
Now, I understand that people who choose to comment on news stories do not represent the full spectrum of population any more than people who comment on blogs. That being said, the "liberal hack of a teacher" in me finds this whole situation sad. There is so much more to the story than can be covered in the news. Whatever is happening in that house isn't good for mom or kid, and I don't think a knee-jerk reaction on either part is going to make a difference. It's hard to tell based on the comments for the story, but I'm hoping that I'm not in the minority.

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