09 June 2008

Hello? OSHA?

This is the prep room at my school. Beauty, eh? This is its typical state---doors to the chemical cabinets flung wide open...drawers of supplies pulled out...and used materials just sitting around. It makes it incredibly difficult to find anything in order to put together a lab for my own students. If you're wondering why I don't do something about this mess, well, it's not mine. If no one else cares...should I?


Michaele Sommerville said...

Okay, my obsessive-compulsive, er, "organizational" tendencies are SCREAMING right now! If I were there I'd help you get the whole thing organized AND I'd stand guard, ready to smack people upside the head if they tried leaving the room in disarray.

My kindergarten students would be appalled.

The Science Goddess said...

As well they should be.

Keep in mind that the person who is most responsible for leaving it this way is also the same one who sent a butt-chewing e-mail to the rest of us about dirty test tubes being piled in a dishwasher that doesn't work. I didn't even know that we had one. How he found it or why he opened it is a mystery to me.

For now, I just plan to stay out of there.

Joe said...

OMG...that makes me feel so much better about the prep room at my old school.

The Science Goddess said...

I'm glad somebody feels better. LOL