18 June 2008

Carnival Power-Up

Pass the Torch, a blog about empowering youth, is hosting this week's Carnival of Education. Check the link throughout the day as technical difficulties have plagued her (as they did with the Carnival over at the Education Wonks a couple of weeks ago). The interwebs are behaving badly these days, but perhaps the collection of posts will give you hope.

Today is the last full day of school for me in my morning district---then I'm done at 10 tomorrow and 9:30 on Friday. As for the afternoon district, we're done at the regular time today and tomorrow, with tomorrow being the last day. It's hard to get excited when there are still papers to push, exams to mark, and final grades to handle. But it won't be long until The End sinks in and summer holiday will Power-Up.

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Kelly Curtis said...

Thank you so much for announcing the carnival. We all appreciate your support!