25 May 2008

The Unofficial Start to Summer

There are still 19 more school days. So, while many of my edublogger cohorts are out on summer holiday, I have four more weeks of pencils, books, and teachers' dirty looks. I'm not worried. Come late July/early August when others are headed back to the classroom, I'll still be sleeping in and having days in the sun. Nanner-nanner.

The weather has been unusually cooperative this weekend. The forecast was not so rosy. We were to have the ubiquitous showers of western Washington, but Mother Nature has graciously exercised her prerogative and changed her mind. It's been absolutely perfect: sunny, low 70's for temps, light breeze.

I've been out in the yard a lot these past two days. This place has a lot of yard and managing it is an endeavor worthy of Sisyphus. I don't mind, though, because unlike the majority of tasks associated with much of my job, weeding, mulching, and trimming produces visible results. Teaching does not fulfill the eye as much as my freshly tended lavender bed. I have yet to decide what to do, if anything, about the 'possum path. There is a huge opossum which uses my driveway and a portion of my side yard as a thoroughfare. I can see the trail through the 2-foot tall grass growing in buffer between my yard and the neighbors. I don't mind the activity and he (?) doesn't seem to mind me when we've been in the same space at the same time. So, we'll see.

I have heirloom tomato plants to get into a vegetable bed. There are flowers to plant and blackberry bushes to beat back. I'm hoping that the weather holds for one more day so that I can get a few more tasks done. It's much nicer to pretend that its summer than to work on lesson plans. I can hardly wait until summer vacation is officially here.

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