20 May 2008


The MST class at St. John Fisher College is up and at 'em again. Welcome to you the newest recruits to the edusphere. I hope that you'll find yourself at home in the cyberschoolhouse world.

Most of the education-related blogs you'll find are very focused on a given topic. Some are very exclusive about technology in education. Others are policy pundits. There are those which just detail classroom events and others which rail against the system. While I admire their strong blogging voice, I can't say that I model myself along those lines. This blog tends to be fairly eclectic---much like my career at the moment. I work in two different school districts, with two completely different age ranges (10 - 12, k -5), in two different capacities (teacher, instructional coach). I'm also finishing up my EdD in Teacher Leadership. I subscribe to way too many RSS feeds, which means that various articles end up as fodder here. This blog is rather messy as a result of the confluence of these pieces of my working life, but I have to tell ya', I really like it that way.

Please feel free to peruse my archive. Some specific posts which might interest you would be my welcome messages to two previous cohorts from your class (here and here). I look forward to any comments you have to toss my way. Best wishes on your journey!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your words of wisdom to the SJFC grad students. For this summer session we have 10 students with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Whether they have their own classroom, are substituting, or transitioning to education from the business world, they all bring a fresh perspective on teaching and learning. What is most refreshing is their acknowledgement and openness to exploring key literacy strategies and skills to help develop content understandings. Your archived posts will be great resources for them.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the welcome! Teaching to elementary and secondary students for two different districts sounds very challenging. I am finding a lot of helpful information, but am a bit overwhelmed. I graduated from college in 1986 and am barely able to use the graphing calculator. I have much to learn---any tips for first time bloggers and first year teachers?

The Science Goddess said...

For first year teachers? That's many posts unto themselves. :)

As for beginning bloggers, I have a couple of posts which might interest you: Skinny for Blogging Noobs and More Skinny for Blogging Noobs.

Blogging will help you become a more reflective practitioner, which will, in turn, improve your classroom performance. Even if you don't blog, taking time to think about what's happening with your teaching is crucial---and it is the piece most teachers shortchange because the tyranny of the urgent is lesson planning.

I hope that you will find education to be a very rewarding career. Best wishes to you!