16 May 2008

Conversation of the Week

Scene: Sunny afternoon; bus duty at a local elementary school

"This is my daughter---the one I was telling you about. Jane is interested in learning to play piano, aren't you honey?"

Me, looking at small, blonde, first grader: "Hi, Jane. It's nice to meet you."

Jane: "I have a rifle at home!"

Dad, looking sheepish: "It's just a little .22." He holds his hands about 2 feet apart to try to illustrate the size.

Me, not knowing what to say in this conversation gone Twilight Zone: "Um...Wow."

Jane: "It's pink!"


Michaele Sommerville said...

Heh heh heh, pretty normal in some parts of the country. Though in Alaska, it's very normal, especially for those living a subsistence lifestyle (native or not)... so normal that no one, not even a child, would think of even brining it up. No mention of guns (and children knowing how to use them), because it's a given.

But no....not a PINK one. That's not a subsistence lifestyle at all! What's next, Hannah Montana pistol grips?

The Science Goddess said...

I'll have to see if she has some (yet). :)

I was raised in an area with a gun culture (not so far from where you live now), although not for subsistence. I wouldn't think twice if a seven-year old there had said something about a gun.

But a kid who lives in subsidized housing in a semi-urban area? Definitely got my attention. LOL