19 April 2008

Today Is the First Day...

blah, blah, blah

Someone asked me what I was going to do this weekend. My answer was something along the lines of working on remembering what it is I like to do. After 2+ years of spending (nearly) every weekend doing grad school work---everything from researching to stats homework to revising 25+ page papers---I'm done with all of that.

I must have had a life before grad school. I can't quite remember where I parked it or exactly what it looked like. So much for putting up a "Missing" poster with an 800 number to call.

I think I'll start my search by doing some spring cleaning. Now seems like a good time to go through things in storage and see what's in the boxes. Maybe it's time to pull out some of those items and put them back into use. Perhaps others can be sent to the dump. I need to see which books from grad school I can list on half.com so others can be as, um, enlightened as I was. Someone sent me some new recipe books for Christmas. Did I like to cook? I guess I should get those out and see what looks appealing. The garden tools have been looking lonely and I saw some seed packets and potting soil. There's also this big "to do" list on the fridge---with things like sanding and repainting the rail on the stairs outside...and turning over the insulation the previous owners conveniently stapled in backwards. I have several bookcases full of novels. I think I used to enjoy reading for pleasure. I am definitely one who takes care of my introvert self.

So, this weekend is all about transitioning from one kind of life to another. As odd as it sounds, I am glad that I no longer have to choose between peer editing and cleaning the basement. In the meantime, if anyone sees my life gathering dust in a corner, shoo away the dust bunnies and send it on over, would you?

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