24 April 2008


Between Google Reader feeds, Twitter tweets, and other sundry sources, I am amassing a variety of tech sites that look like they may be useful in the future. I have to say that living in a digital world satisfies my inner packrat nature. In the real world, I am not interested in accumulating stuff. But in virtual space? Hey, why not. So in the spirit of sharing, here are a few links that you might find interesting, too:

  • First up is Weebly, where you can make a simple website. You might also have a look at Sprout. Perhaps this might be a way for me to establish a consluting, er, consulting presence.
  • Have you seen Docstoc? Here you can find all manner of forms and documents (education, legal, business...) for free. Let the uploading of lesson plans begin!
  • If you're using Photostory or other software with kids to make digital storybooks, then perhaps you might like to add some sound effects? Try FindSounds to easily search the web for just the clips you need. If it's a word you're after, Forvo has "all the words in the world pronounced" with over 180 languages represented.
  • Florida has developed a technology integration matrix to help teachers and schools evaluate their implementation of classroom technology. There are even videos embedded so you can see what things should look like.
  • Tom at Random, Etc. has a great collection of links to Data Visualization blogs. While I don't use these in my working life (yet), I find the ideas very interesting. I would like to see how to apply this with students and teachers. In the meantime, The Evil Tutor has some hilarious ideas to share about how not to display data....while Dipity gives you a way to make interactive timelines.
  • Searchme is a new visual search engine which reminds me of looking at things on an iPhone or iPod touch. Very cool idea.
I also got a new phone last week---my first in four years:

Is there anything else I should add to my digital locker?


Unknown said...

I love the technology integration matrix. I've used it for a couple of different projects and SearchMe is probably how Google will look one day. Thanks for sharing the rest. There are some gems here I've never seen before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about Searchme – we really appreciate it! We wanted to let you know that we’ve just added this cool new feature called Stacks, which lets you collect groups of your favorite web pages and then share them via email, web sites, Facebook®, MySpace®, and blogs like yours. We’ve also added Searchme Media Search, which lets you search for images or videos from Flickr™ and YouTube™.

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The Searchme Team