08 April 2008


As I stood in the spring rain today and admonished first graders for the 1347th time not to run to the buses, I had fantasies about getting some really cool rain boots for myself. It is not uncommon for at least one child to comment about something I'm wearing while they barely restrain themselves from hurling toward the yellow dawgs waiting to take them home. "I like your dress..." comes across in some sort of Doppler effect as the herd charges past. So, hey, since they're looking, why not make it interesting and keep my tootsies dry at the same time?

I saw these last week. I think they're super cool. They are some serious rain-kickers. I would love them, but I'm afraid that they might terrify the 5-year olds. After all, we need them to slow down, not run faster.
Oddly enough, I have discovered that there is a whole world of fashion wellies out there. Who knew? There are buckles and laces...round toes and cowboy styles. I am most definitely not a shoe person, but I find all of the diversity here rather breathtaking.

I adore the ones on the left, but haven't been able to locate a vendor. The rubber duckies would certainly appeal to the younger crowd, and I find them rather fun, too. There are any number of polka dot versions (a fetish of mine).

So what do you think? A pair of each? :)


Clix said...

One of my favorite rubber-boot designers is Gabriella Rocha. I'm itching for a pair of bright rubber-duck-yellows, but I haven't seen any in a long, long time :(

The Science Goddess said...

I'll have to look for that designer.

So many choices!