16 April 2008

Maybe We Could Get James Lipton, Too

I was dozing on the sofa last night, listening to Alec Baldwin interview Gene Wilder on TCM. While the discussion was not James Lipton-esque, I couldn't help but think of all those Inside the Actors Studio pieces I'd watched. Since my brain was in drift mode, it didn't seem to be a far leap to get to wondering what a Teachers Studio would look like.

This seemed like an interesting idea.

What if you had a highly selective school devoted to both training teachers---and enhancing their craft? It would have to be staffed by master teachers (not necessarily education profs/researchers) and perhaps attract an "Artist in Residence," such as Thomas Guskey or Linda Darling-Hammond, once in awhile. Do you think being a very exclusive place to learn the art and science of teaching would attract a particular kind of clientele---one which might not consider the profession now? What about being a site where experienced teachers would come for intensive inservice in a particular area in order to perfect their craft? It would be a retreat for people to celebrate teaching.

There are plenty of bubble-bursting details I could add to this, but for the moment, I'm liking it. What an interesting way to elevate the perception of classroom work---both for teachers and for the public at large. Anybody with me?


Michaele Sommerville said...

Me me me me me memememememememeeeeee! I'm with you! We'd have a class on pre-school/kinder/developmentally appropriate practice, yes?

The Science Goddess said...

Of course!

Now we just need someone to bankroll the idea. :)

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a "retreat" to learn more and perfect my craft. It'd be a breath of fresh air, especially at this point in the year when state-wide testing is starting to wear me down.

Nancy Flanagan said...

So why DON'T we have the equivalent of "Teachers' Studio?" You'd think the general public would be interested in knowing about the craft of teaching since they come in contact with it so often.

I would also love to see this: Grad students in Education Policy sitting down to watch Teachers Studio every week. I've had a hard time trying to push fellow students toward the Carnegie Commons, to watch and listen to master teachers:


Seems that it's much more interesting to prognosticate about big policy levers than to watch actual exemplary teaching.

Good post!