08 March 2008


I had someone ask me this week how I was handling the very diverse halves of my day. By morning, I'm a high school science teacher...and in the afternoons, an instructional coach for an elementary in another district. It's a short drive between the two jobs and is the time I make a bit of a mental shift. You see, this week I spent a good chunk of my mornings talking about the evolutionary biology of sex. It makes for great conversation with the 16-year olds and helps build our understanding of the mechanisms of evolution. But I have to go from talking about why homosexuality could be adaptive and how having a child with your cousin might not have as many negative consequences as you think to chatting with a fourth grader about why they predicted that a penny would hold 3 drops of water while their partner thought it would be 10 drops. Whiplash can ensue, but I have to say that it's really not that bad. I like the diversity of the tasks and conversations. My afternoons are full of incredible learning opportunities. I come home absolutely exhausted---but smiling. How am I handling the parts of my working days? Very well, thank you.

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