06 March 2008


The kindergarten classes have been immersed in some science lessons and I've spent as much time as I can with them this week. I've enjoyed the conversation with the kids, but there has been one aspect I hadn't anticipated: they're distracted by the "accessories" I wear.

I usually keep a nice sharp pencil tucked behind my left ear. It's a habit I've had since my early days of teaching and it's not something I pay much attention to anymore. But the six year olds? They thought the concept was a very cool idea and insisted on trying it themselves. The only problem is that their ears are too small to do this with, so we ended up with pencils sticking in tufts of hair. It was a start.

And then yesterday, I had a sweater chain---you know, the kind of thing that was in style when grandma was a teeny-bopper? The clips that you can use to keep a sweater over shoulders? Well, to the kindergartners, this looked like a cape. Each kid who noticed got saucer eyes. "You could be Superman!" one said. I didn't have the heart to tell them that sweater chains haven't been cool for a few decades.

It's anyone's guess what sort of trend I'll start tomorrow.

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Michaele Sommerville said...

You have me *rolling!* Heh heh heh- the little ones will notice your socks (or hosiery), your shoes if they "click" down the hallway, your perfume (and if they like it you'll be hugged every chance they get), your earrings, and your nail polish. The girls will notice if you have pretty hair doo-dads and the boys will notice if your hair is pretty like their mommy's.

If you wear skirts, the girls will notice if they TWIRL and the boys will sit at your feet during story time and play with your hem, totally unconsciously.

Just don't jingle. Bracelets, actual bells or chimes on jewelry- unless you're doing a lesson on sound. They'll be distracted all day long.

Take it from me.