13 March 2008

It's Official: I'm a Tool

During winter break, I was chatting with someone about my role of instructional coach. The person I was talking to does not work in education and I did my best to talk about the purpose behind this role within a school---the idea that coaches work to support teachers in their classrooms. She then said, "Oh, I get it. You're a tool."

Usually when one is referred to as a "tool," it is not meant to be complimentary. I admit that I was caught off guard, but I also have to admit that she was right. I'm such a tool in my afternoon school.

For now, being a tool isn't so bad. I get to work with great teachers and an awesome admin. Eventually, however, I'd like to work myself up to "fairy godmother" status. While I certainly do what I can to promote good instruction and serve teachers, the ultimate goal (for me) is to keep their passion for the classroom alive and make all of their profession-related dreams come true.

I wonder, do tools ever get to say "Bibbity Bobbity Boo"?


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Sounds like your "someone" is a tool themselves. Does "someone" have any idea of how much time and money, blood, sweat, and tears have been expended in fashioning a tool like the SG?

You'll be a priceless tool if you can keep teachers passionate about their jobs in the current test-crazy education environment.

In fact, you might need a little real magic.

The Science Goddess said...

She meant no harm, I assure you. It was just how she synthesized my description of coaching.

I kinda like the analogy, actually. I haven't decided if I'm a Swiss Army Knife...a Leatherman...or a rusty, tetanus-inducing screwdriver. :)

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Maybe we need a hammer out there. ;)