25 March 2008

Ding Dong

The *itch is gone. Well, almost.

I have no doubt that a small cheer went up in Curriculum when the news was announced...and I'm sure that there is joy in Mudville and Who-ville...and all over the district.

Boss Lady 2.0 will be starting a new job on July 1. She's off to a neighbouring district to share her special brand of poor leadership with them.

Join me in a glass of champagne? It's time for this district to get its party on.


Dr Pezz said...

Please say it's not my district. We already have one awful leader and don't need another. :)

The Science Goddess said...

It isn't. She'll just be down the road, but at least she'll be someone else's problem.

Mind you, we could always end up with someone worse. So be sure not to send your awful leader over here to fill the job!