09 February 2008

The Proverbial Feather

It was only a few minutes before my first period class. I was heading down the hallway toward one of the computer labs to get ready to do some research with my students when I saw one of my former students walking toward me. He's in one of the afternoon classes that I turned over to another teacher---and I know he was a bit worried about the transition.

"I came up here just to see you," he said.

"Oh? What can I do for you?"

"I wondered if I could see my final so that I could see what I missed...so I know what I still need to learn."

"How about we do that tomorrow morning? I don't have the tests with me and I need to go down and meet my first period."

He seemed satisfied with that. As for me? You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather. There just aren't a lot of students---especially ones who struggle as much as this young man does---who continue to strive for learning like this. There's no one telling this kid he needs to go back and pick up the pieces of information that he didn't get the first (or second) time around. But for whatever reason, he's motivated to do so. I find this motivating, too. How do we create classroom environments which nurture this in our students?


thepowerguides said...

There are lots of times I read teachers blogs and think to myself "there but for the grace of God Go I" but is posts like this that make me think I was not so smart after all


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Wooooo-Hooooo! :D Yes!

Answer to your question? Keep doing it and make it go viral. :)

The Science Goddess said...

I wish it were that simple. :) If I do figure out the magic answer, I'll bottle it and make enough to retire on.