24 February 2008

Memories Are Made of This

I attended a science fair this week. I had a great time and it brought back plenty of memories from my own trials and tribulations involving science projects. I remember doing one where I investigated whether or not crickets would go to a light or dark environment. I used crickets another year...but I don't remember the experiment. The third year, the investigation was "To Clot or not to Clot." (Cut me some slack...I was in 8th grade.) I looked at factors influencing clotting time for cow blood. And for my swan song with science projects, I did a fruit fly eye pigment lab.

If you like the cartoon from Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people) shown above, you might also enjoy a visit to a virtual fair put together by Photo Basement. There are 41 projects, all with catchy titles like my 8th grade one (Garlic: The Silent Killer, Juicy Beans...), as well as pictures which forever immortalize the adolescent pain. Memories are indeed made of this.

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