10 February 2008

Just Around the Corner

My birthmother e-mailed me yesterday to tell me to "quit bragging" about the fact that I have daffodils poking up and my camellia is about ready to burst (again). She lives in the Canadian Rockies, and with the snow they've gotten this year, she thinks there will still be some on the ground in May. Fer cryin' out loud.

I wonder if I should send along the link for this article in the Washington Post about building a clock out of flowers? Would that be too "cheeky," as bmom often remarks about me? (There's another good article on flower clocks here, if the WaPo won't let you read.) Being mid-February and all, I am just itching to get out in the yard again. I'm tired of being cooped up all winter.

Image Credit Unknown

There's something appealing about having a reference in the natural world for the time of day. I like the idea of being able to let the artificial world subside for awhile during the summer holiday...gaze out my kitchen window and see which flower is just around the corner.

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