15 February 2008

Dressing the Part

The science fair is next week. I'm (wo)manning the Oobleck booth and preparing for lots of messy fun. I pulled out my lab coat to start shaking out the wrinkles, but found myself pining for something more fashionable. I have to admit that I'm jonesing for a dress based off of this design:

This is the Mr. Medulla character from the movie "Sky High." I think the costume is amazing (although I don't need the giant bald head). I keep imagining something a bit more dramatic than the white. What about something in black---with a hot pink lining? Maybe shorten up the sleeves just a bit and add some interesting buttons down the front? A lab coat/dress, befitting a Mad Scientist-Goddess?

There's an ad in the staff room for seamstress services by an area resident. Perhaps I should see if I can get something made to better dress the part for future fairs?


Clix said...

OO! And see if you couldn't get elbow-length black latex gloves?!! Or hot pink, to match the accents.

Aw man. That so rules!

The Science Goddess said...

Or perhaps a Bride of Frankenstein kind of hairdo? :) I certainly have enough grey at my temples to make it rock.