19 January 2008

Tools for Biology Review

The regs here know that I've been thinking about and working on (and implementing) a plan to do some last-ditch remediation for my biology students. (You can get the full skinny on the plan by reading a previous post.) I have to say that this is one of the most ambitious projects I've ever undertaken as a teacher. There are a ton of pieces to think about. For each of the eight targets, there is
  • an individual review sheet for each student, with the target, a series of "I can..." statements to help kids inventory their learning needs, and a note-taking structure
  • a study group protocol
  • a final assessment (for those who choose to take the final during the allotted period for their class)
  • an alternative assessment option (including holistic rubric)
  • and, a sign-up sheet for students.
I have five of these completed, and will soon finish the other three. I am uploading what I have (and will continue to share) at the bottom of this post. I am also uploading the goal-setting sheet I used with students. We also completed a learning styles inventory, which we are referring back to when I have see the groups for their mini-lesson each day.

We have only had one day of the review sessions and will do the others next week. It's a bit crazy, but I have to say that I have great buy-in from the students. Destiny has been firmly placed in their own hands and they're not afraid to do the driving. I expect that by next Friday, I will have plenty to share with you in terms of my reflections on the whole experience.

Without further ado, here are the tools I'm using (note: you can download samples of student work with annotations from the OSPI website for use with the Investigative Design and Writing Conclusions work):


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