21 January 2008


I need a term to describe the kind of malaise that emerges during one's final semester of grad school. "Senioritis" is inappropriate on two fronts. First of all, the "-itis" part refers to an inflammation of something, and possessing nothing on my body called a "senior," I can hardly claim that it is red, swollen, and tender. Literalness aside, the other reason is simply that there are no class distinctions for graduate students. I'm simply a "third year candidate." I'm thinking that some sort of "-algia" (pain) would be more appropriate to describe my rather blase approach to my studies these days.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday revising an assignment that was due and then constructing all of the work for the next three weeks. My goal in that was just to take something off of my plate so that I can concentrate on my dissertation---which I really am interested in working on. At this point, my qualitative research course just feels like so much hoop jumping. It's not that this type of research wouldn't be an interesting way to conduct an educational study, but it feels like this course is too late. Last semester was all about the dissertation. Doing a methodology course now feels like a step backwards.

And I am really tired of "canned prompts" at this point in my program. It makes the reading less interesting, if that makes sense. Instead of being able to make connections between the text and myself and my research, there is a constant stream of regurgitation of basic ideas found in the resources. It's kind of insulting at this time, especially when the discussions could be richer...and time is so precious as it is.

Ah, senioritis. Here's hoping this latest bout passes quickly.


Roger Sweeny said...

What is a "canned prompt?" I'm probably missing something obvious.

The Science Goddess said...

"Canned" as in pre-ordained. Every section of every class has exactly the same prompt for every time period of the class. There's no teacher or student choice about what to discuss from the reading.