23 January 2008

A Few Links to Click

Here are some interesting tidbits from my feeds in the last couple of days...

  • A school in Georgia is paying select student $8/hour to study. My basic reaction to this is one of horror. Extrinsic motivators have very negative effects in the long term. If you pay a kid to study now...will the kid still study when you take away the money? Probably not. A small part of me, however, thought it could be money well spent if the studying was documented as being done at home. Instead of paying a teacher $30/hour (salary/benefits) to work with the kid, you could pay three kids for that time. Still---thumbs down for this.
  • Meanwhile, over in Texas, a vendor has been chosen to do random drug testing for steroids in high school athletes. I know that many people may be shocked that high school kids are using steroids or that this is something new. It's not. When I was in high school (20+ years ago) in Texas, my friend was all hot and bothered for one of the football guys. In fact, she was ready to lose her virginity to this young man...only, he'd been taking steroids and couldn't get an erection anymore. At 16 years of age, for cryin' out loud. (And yes, people were still talking about this at the 20-year reunion this summer.)
  • Click over to Edutopia and take their poll on whether or not you think US students can compete with their global peers. Sure, there's lots of testing data out there. Maybe it's not so cut and dried. Comments there are welcome.
  • Finally, an article in the WaPo that most diversity training is ineffective. This article deserves a full post, in light of what happens in this district...but I may not get to it until the weekend. So, go read and ponder and we'll talk about things later.

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