09 January 2008

Be Back Soon

I'm feeling too scatterbrained to post anything particularly cogent at the moment. I come here to write and find myself blocked by the 8 zillion things that I either need to process in my mind or just work on. After reading Mariette in Ecstasy last night, I am thinking of the parallels between life in a nunnery and the bells, matins, and rituals of schoolteachers. I am racing the clock to write the methodology for my dissertation---while my advisor and I lobby the school district to allow my project to move forward. The end of the semester is 15 school days away and there are tons of things to write and plan before then...and I have a brand new schedule beginning in February. I have some MindTools information to share, some thoughts from Education Week, and more; but at the moment, they are all ghostly and scattered. I can't grab one and wrestle it into submission to place here.

So, I'll be back in a day or two. Peruse the archives. Talk amongst yourselves. Tell some jokes and share some gossip over the back fence. When my mind finds a spot of calm, I'll join you.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Tell me about it. It's ski season, and I'm the director of the local club that serves the school kids and their families. Tax time is around the corner, and I keep books for two businesses. Not to mention...(where's MY cheese and whine???)

Hugh :)

The Science Goddess said...

January is always a difficult month, for some reason. February 1st is going to feel really good!