20 December 2007

Remember When?

Just before the school year started, I posted this picture along with a reminder to teachers to take care of themselves. As much as I hate to say it, if a teacher doesn't look out for himself or herself, it's not likely anyone else will step up. We need to nurture ourselves as much as we work to do so with children.

from PostSecret

Or maybe you remember this graph about the phases of first year teaching experience---which isn't necessarily limited to beginning teachers?
Image Credit: Unknown

You'll notice that this time of year is characterized by "disillusionment," but is followed thereafter by "rejuvenation." I bring this up only because as I have read various posts by edubloggers in the last couple of weeks, I see lots of people worrying that they're being too negative and whiny...or talking about how frustrated they are...and so on. Hey---don't be so hard on yourselves. You can't always be the life of the party and you can't always escape the need to vent. It's been a long hard fall semester, but you've made it to winter break. Kick back for awhile and congratulate yourself for all of your time and effort. We have a ways to go until summer vacation, I know, but there is so much to look forward to with the spring.

Happy holidays to you---whatever you celebrate or believe. Enjoy the time to think about and do the things you've wanted to, but haven't because you were looking after the kids in your classroom. Remember what it's like to have a bit of "me" time and indulge yourself.

Blogging may be a bit sporadic here over the next two weeks. I plan to take my own advice and just focus on various things. I have a stack of books I want to read...new movies to watch...some things around the house I want to do...and more. I hope that you enjoy your time just as much.


ms-teacher said...

I have been very fortunate this year as I have a really, really good group of students. I yet to feel any disillusionment at this point, even though I was definitely there at this time last year.

The Science Goddess said...

Yay! I hope that's a start of a trend for your school years.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Kick back and enjoy the stresslessness. ;)

I'm gonna!