03 December 2007

Home Again, Home Again

You may have heard that there was a metric @$$load of rain here in the Pacific Northwest. We certainly weren't spared in this part of Washington.

Monday was quite a day. I had a physical therapy appointment first thing and had quite a struggle to make it to the clinic. The pic below is not of my car, but one that was stuck across the street from the clinic. It gives you an idea of what we were contending with. I drove through this same area as the car. Twice. But that was just before it got this bad. I did see the tow truck coming to retrieve this vehicle.

Then, I had the pleasure of trying to drive to work. Here is the road I had to travel:

Anyhoo, I made it to school about 10:50. I wasn't wild about being there, considering what conditions were already like and anticipating not being able to get home a few hours later. And wouldn't you know it? We got the announcement dismissing school less than 10 minutes later. I spent my planning period verifying with parents that they did indeed want their snowflakes to leave school, and eventually the buses showed up to take the stragglers home. Staff were then dismissed.

Later this afternoon, there were two kids wakeboarding in the gulley in front of my house. Yes, there's enough water collected in the culvert to surf on...and more is coming down every moment. My basement is a bit damp, but no major damage. I have power and heat (which is more than poor Hedgetoad can claim)...and a day off tomorrow as the county tries to clean up all of the mudslides and figure out other ways to make the roads passable. I hope all you readers are warm and dry, too.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Lots of major road closures down here...a few landslides. The usual snow level rise to 8,000 feet producing bipolar-like reactions in skiers (first the snow dump, then the rapid melt).

Can't believe they made you go to school in that stuff. Don't they know that water floats cars?

Of our 34 schools, only three lost power briefly today. Oddly enough, two of those lost phones too. (?)

Hugh aka Repairman

The Science Goddess said...

I'm glad you're safe and sound. I am definitely watching the news to find out when I-5 to Portland will be reopened.