30 November 2007

Way Kewl

Is this not awesome? It's your brain represented as a map.

"The above map's original data was created from a reference photo of a real human brain which was used to build the 3-D terrain. This digital elevation model was then used to create contour line data, relief shading, and to plan where the roads and features should be placed for map compilation. Real New Zealand public domain data was then added for the surrounding islands."

You can get free downloads for wallpaper---or buy paper versions. I think this would be a way kewl poster to have in the classroom. Don't you?


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Yup! (But then I'm a total map freak.)

Hugh aka Repairman

unit.seven said...

Hello and thanks for featuring the map of New Brainland. The map was made by myself, a cartographer based in Wellington, New Zealand, but was not so much to do with any type of scientific representation of regions of the brain. It was more an illustrative map for the cover of Neuron magazines issue on brain maps which def covered the more scientific side.

As it was produced by a cartographer with some of the data compiled in ArcGIS it does have underlying principles of cartography that may have been lost if this was put together as a pure illustration by a less spatially experienced designer. Note the outlying islands are all real islands and real 1:50,000 NZ GIS data moved and rotated onto the imaginary projection system used for the map.

If you or your readers are interested there are free wallpapers for download available from http://www.unitseven.co.nz.