21 November 2007

Hosting the Carnival

Another week, another Carnival of Education. Head on over and have a look! The NYC Educator has served up a heaping helping of Thanksgiving delight.

If you haven't played host, I'd like to encourage you to give it a go. I look at it as a community service for the Edusphere. For me, it takes between three and four hours to put together. I try to spread out the work between Sunday and Tuesday. Links are continuously sent via the blogcarnival submission page. I try to sort through them as they come in, because several are spammish in nature. I copy and paste the URLs into a document along with its title, author, and a brief description about the post. This makes grouping things for the final version a lot simpler. So far, I'm the only host who tries to string things together as a single narrative story, but I have seen so many creative ideas for organizing the information.

Give the Education Wonks a shout if you can take up this gauntlet. I highly recommend it!

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