02 October 2007

Way to (Mis)Communicate

Things are a little busy here at the moment, as I am ensconced in drafting the proposal for the doctoral study. (No, I haven't bought the ring yet.)

However, I saw a link for a very interesting Flickr pool. It's all about bad signs. Not the astrological kind. Not things misbehaving. These are postings from all over the world that just make you go "Hmmm."I'm thinking about how to use some of these with my classes. As I continue to work with kids this year about using their writing to explain thinking in science, perhaps these might provide some much-needed humor. Not all of them are classroom appropriate, but they are amusing.

A couple of samples are below. For more follow the link above. A word of warning---you can end up spending more time there than you intend!

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