22 October 2007

Moles Aplenty

In going over this week's targets and schedule with my sophs, I noted that tomorrow is Mole Day. I was impressed with their fluency of thinking. "You mean like the furry things in my yard?" "Like on Survivor?" "Like the thing on people's faces?"

They were mystified that there could be yet another explanation. Mind you, we don't do much celebrating of Mole Day in the non-chem classes, but it gives them something to anticipate.

I know the blogging here hasn't been anything to write home about over the past week. All I can tell you is that I'm darned tired...the first chapter of the dissertation is done...I'm jumping the hoops with my district to do my research...conferencing with every kid about improvements to be made...dealing with pissy parents...looking at job postings for next year...trying valiantly to catch up on the laundry/vacuuming/dishes/misc. chores...and so it goes. I have a mole's worth of things to do at the moment and they are weighing me down.

I have a couple of half-finished posts...good ones that I'm excited to share once I can get my head on straight enough to give them a little TLC. Hang in there with me. :)

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Hugh O'Donnell said...

Happy to hang in there with you, SG! :)

Hugh aka Repairman