20 October 2007

Find Your Grail

As the Hedgetoad mentioned, we had quite the weather pass through here on Thursday. Blogging was made pretty much impossible on Thursday. In a moment which defines the kind of luck I have most of the time, the power returned to my abode just as I was walking out the door to go to work on Friday morning. Lots of students had trouble getting to and from school, although my school was more fortunate than some others---we had power (but no heat). A couple of schools didn't even have that. I had two questions I asked my afternoon classes yesterday. The first was "How many of you were unable to do your homework last night because your power was out?" At least 50% of each class raised their hands. The next question was "How many of you had power but told your morning teachers you didn't so that you were excused from handing in your homework?" A couple of sheepish looking students put up their hands. See? We're onto your little games. :)

Yesterday evening, a friend and I went to see Spamalot. We had both had an exhausting week, but a good dinner took each of us to our happy place and set the stage (so to speak) for a very enjoyable time of things. It did, however, make for a late night---I got home around 12:30. After 20 hours among the living, I was just too darned out of it to even think about blogging.

This weekend will be spent in a continued search to find my grail, also known as Chapter One of my dissertation. A few more paragraphs should put the final touches on the draft and then it's on to Chapter Two. Now that I don't have to grade papers by candlelight, perhaps I can catch up on my schoolwork as well.

I have some more important posts in mind, but they'll have to wait until later. Get out and enjoy your day---find the grail of your own.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, glad you got through the wind storm alright. We got warnings down here, but in the Tualatin Valley, it was just extra breezy.

My grail is materializing at this moment. Part of it will be revealed the evening of October 30, when the School Improvement Ass't Supe and one of her Exec Directors present "Grading for Learning" at our work session that precedes the regular board meeting. (Each board member has been presented with a copy of Ken O'Connor's latest book with instructions to read as much of it as we can handle. ;) )

With twenty administrators and almost half the board going to the December conference in PDX, I can say, with my fingers crossed for extra wish strength, that we're on the road to SBG at last.

Oh yeah, when you're done with that dissertation, you'll need to upload it to LULU.com so we can purchase a copy (and I'll be looking for an autograph)!

Hugh aka Repairman

Hugh O'Donnell said...

After re-reading your post today, I realize that you're talking about lightening up.

At the risk of being un-PC, I've got to admit that I can be pretty single-minded, so I'd like to expand my consciousness in your realm and tell about another grail quest.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was semi-incommunicado, my son took me on the spey casting steelhead fly fishing trip of a lifetime.

You must understand that steelhead don't grow on trees. The average fly fisher never touches these sacred fish, and those who dare pursue it, strike out more often than connect.

In fact, connecting is almost as big a deal as landing. We talk about it like "at bats" in a baseball game.

Long story short, Chris gave Miguel (his friend who went with us) and me first choice of runs -- top or bottom -- although Chris did allow me to fish only those runs with relatively easy wading cuz my right knee is rickety.

Chris took whatever was left over and only fished 1/3 of the time Miguel fished. But he put us into the steel bigtime.

I was 2 for 2, a record for me, Miguel was 2 for two, a record for him, and Chris was 3 for 4, plus two redside wild trout (that don't count on a steelhead trip).

Altogether, for a one-day trip, we were 7 for 8 (#8 got away). We released them all.

Now that grail lit my Christmas tree!

Hugh aka Repairman

PS: That's Chris (in a run from that trip) on my blog site, upper right corner.

The Science Goddess said...

LOL Sometimes a grail is just a grail.

Light or heavy, I just hope that people find what they're seeking. :)

Hugh O'Donnell said...

I hope so too.

I'm easy to satisfy AND exceptionally blessed, so life is good.

But one can never take it for granted, right?