15 September 2007

Staying On Top of Things

There's a burst of energy and enthusiasm at the beginning of each school year. Perhaps you've finally cleaned up that messy classroom closet or tackled your file cabinet. Maybe there's a new seating arrangement you're trying out. In September, there's plenty of hope that all of your new organization will take root and this will be the year (at last!) that it all runs smoothly.

And then reality hits...and boy, does that suck. There are stacks of papers to mark and record. New kids show up and need to get caught up. The office wants you to hand out information. All your good intentions are quickly paving a path to you-know-where.

So, here are some ideas to stay true to your New School Year's Resolutions.

  • Are you a teacher who just can't say "No."? Online Organizing has 20 different ways to say it...and I'm not talking about world languages. I would also like to suggest that in using some of these, you add one piece to the conversation. Tell the asking person, "Gosh, I don't think I'm the right person for this, but I bet Teacher X would be perfect for that project." I know this looks like passing the buck. What happens too often is that the same teachers in the school are asked over and over again to participate on committees, chaperone, etc. Help others in the school get involved through recommending an invitation for them.
  • Rule the Web is a fantastic new blog which has 60 second podcasts for getting the most out of the internet. If you're looking ahead to Classroom 2.0, this is a nifty resource for the information age.
  • Is e-mail starting to be the boss of you? Stand up to your inbox by using these helpful tips.
The school year is always a rollercoaster of highs and lows. If you can keep your organizational scheme in place throughout the year, there will be a lot less suffering on your part. Hang in there!

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