24 August 2007

Where's the Beef, er, Science?

If you've been reading along here recently, you'll likely have noticed that there's been an awful lot of posts about general education topics...and precious little science. Seems like a bit of false advertising for a Science Goddess not to sprinkle in more science, don't you think?

My new favourite site, via Pharyngula, is Zooillogix. It's a site devoted all manner of animal curiosities. The main page currently includes an Insect Jukebox (oh, what fun you could have with this in cubicle land), a story about a Hollywood bug wrangler and painter (he has insects walk around in paint, then on paper), wonders where have all the monster bugs gone, and tells us all about where Great White Sharks go to hook up (check out the captions).


Margaret said...

Hi there, fellow WA teacher! I saw your question over at Repairman. Our former gradebook(RIP) Easy Grade Pro automatically counted absent or missing assignments as zeros, unless you left that student's square blank. Then it didn't affect their grade at all, which they wanted. Our new gradebook can have us exclude missing assignments or count them as zeros.(my choice, since missing work is the bane of my existence) Students need to know how lack of completed work affects their grade AND learning. Anyway, that's what I meant.

The Science Goddess said...

Ah---now I understand what you were after.

It's good to know that there are other teacher bloggers in WA. We need to stick together. :)