05 August 2007

That Reminds Me of a Story

Repairman has posted the picture below in reference to a post about the new hot wiki in edublogging. I, however, had an entirely different thought when I saw it.

Image Credit Unknown

In the good old days, when I taught in a junior high, there were always some junior high type shenanigans among the staff. One day, Terry brought an habenero pepper to school. Knowing that his buddy Brad was a wimp where the Scoville scale was concerned, Terry chopped up the pepper, snuck down to the staff room, and sprinkled this muy caliente veggie into Brad's lunch.

Terry did not wash his hands after he did this.

Later, Terry went to use the restroom. And that chile oil that was still on his fingertips from chopping up the pepper? Well, it touched a very sensitive area of his anatomy during his visit to the bathroom. His practical joke ended up being on him. Literally. As you might imagine, he was quite miserable finishing out the day in his classroom.

And Brad? After Terry's experience, he told Brad what he had intended to do and Brad was able to avoid having a bad lunch.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

That is classic! I know, I spent most of my career in a junior high/middle school.

But for the record, I'd never feed that stuff to a baby!

The Science Goddess said...

It was never dull at that school. I remember Terry walking into the boy's restroom between classes and smelling cigarette smoke. He asked the two boys at the sinks if they had been smoking. No, of course not, the boys claimed. Only one of them had stuck the lit cigarette in his pants pocket when Terry walked in...and his pants were now on fire.

They were fun, but didn't always make the smartest of choices. :)