13 August 2007

Good to Be Back Home Again

The idea of "home" is a relative concept, no pun intended. When I'm in my own house, I refer to it as being home...but I am asked if I am going home when the holidays or summer arrive, meaning "going to visit family." I've had some of each over the last few days.

I spent an extended weekend in Texas attending my 20-year high school reunion. It was home-y, after a fashion. I haven't seen most of these people in 10 (and in some cases, 20) years. It was fun to reminisce, but also nice to get to know them a bit as adults. The men were more difficult to recognize than the women. I think that the only shocking aspect to the whole weekend was the number of people who believed that Coors Light and Bud Light qualify as beer.

While there, I picked up a new print for my house...my home:
Perhaps you can take the girl out of Texas, but not the Texas out of the girl (at least not entirely). I have a variety of southwestern art in my house and I am anxious to hang this piece up. (For more by this artist, visit Desert Dada.)

I am very glad to be back home. It was a whirlwind of a visit and a perfect cap to the summer holiday; but, I feel more comfortable here. I like my view of the water from my kitchen and the lushness of the landscape. I enjoy my friends. And yes, the beer is good, too.

I'll make an effort to be back home at my blog tomorrow---something more relevant to the educational community at large. I hope "y'all" are enjoying being at home, too, wherever that may be.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Gorgeous print! The color made my brain register "cactus." Then I thought of Georgia O'Keefe and a long ago drive through Santa Fe and Albuquerque with stops at some great art galleries.

I'm no critic, but I like that print.

You're also more than kind in your remarks about the guys at your reunion...LOL.

I had to chuckle about the beer remark. My wife's a beer snob too. ;-)

I won't even mention all the stuff that passes my lips. :-)

The Science Goddess said...

Thank you! It is a great print (I bought some cards, too, just so I could have some more samples). It's not as sexy as O'Keefe's work, but I like the playfulness.

Ah, the poor fellas at the reunion. We are all heavier...and a couple of the guys were sporting less hair---but I really think it's the facial characteristics and build that make them so different. I hadn't seen some of them since we were in our teens and boys' bones keep growing until they're ~27. Those extra years of growth really did alter their appearance just enough to make it more difficult to put names with faces.

As for the women, well, without being too catty, all I can say is that some of their faces show the signs (lines?) of being sun worshippers over the years. LOL

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!