28 July 2007

Your Saturday Homework

I'm out and about today, so I'm leaving you a little reading to do. :

  • A new federal study shows that students in rural areas are outperforming their urban peers in the area of science. I'm not sure that I buy their reasoning that it's due to kids "being closer to nature," but I am curious to learn more from the report itself.
  • As reported by Pharyngula and Washington Teachers, the strongest predictor of success with college science is preparation in math. (You can read the article here.) We've long known that the amount of math taken in high school is one of the best correlates for completing a 4-year degree, but this is the first time I've seen something about a relationship between math and science.
  • This piece in Time magazine claims that Boys Are All Right. In spite of the repeated claims that there is a War on Boys (or you might remember me recently musing about the gap in reading scores), maybe the overall news is actually good. This is a long read, but much recommended.
That's all for this Saturday. It's time for me to finish the chores and hit the road. :)

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