16 July 2007

Who? Me?

Shot a Deer by Andy Beal CC-BY-NC-ND

I didn't take this picture, but I could very well have done so. The deer I had last year have made a return appearance and are enjoying munching on various things in the yard. They definitely have a "Who? Me?" look when at them happily eating away at my flowers. I can only really complain about the loss of hydrangea buds, as they are also working their way through dandelions, brambles, and vinca vine. Like last summer, they are spending time sleeping outside my bedroom window. It's nice to see them just a few feet from me, curled up together and feeling safe. I also have a family of raccoons wandering around in the evening. The babies are fun to watch.

I haven't made as much progress as I would like in beating back some areas of the yard, where I would like to a put a cutting garden to help support bees and butterflies...but soon. There's something nice about supporting wildlife within one's own boundaries. This place is not only my retreat---but one I can share with others.

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