15 July 2007

Putting Away the Year

The previous school year is now nearly three weeks into the past and perhaps there's finally some closure on things. We did lose a couple more people from the department, including Mighty White Boy. He (finally) got a principalship, although many of us would like to extend our condolences to the school receiving him. Their previous admin left after a vote of "no confidence" by the staff. MWB took this as a sign that there's nowhere but up for his tenure to go. Someone in the office commented that they hadn't met him yet. Another mentioned that Boss Lady 2.0's fervor in believing he would have an admin job for next year might well have been due to her figuring out he wasn't all he made himself out to be---and she was engaging in wishful thinking to send him along to someone else.

Although many of us hoped to see some sort of restructuring of central office administration happen, it was not to be for the upcoming year. The elementary director is wonderful to work with and we are excited about the incoming secondary director. The temporary one this year was completely useless. Someone asked me a few weeks ago what exactly she did for the district. Other than taking up air and space, I wasn't quite sure. Mind you, she's been moved to a different position next year, but at least it's one which is less visible.

I am very much looking forward to my "escape" back to a building---if only part-time---next year to coach. I know that others have looked for different positions...and another year working for the Boss Lady 2.0 may finish off all of us. We were provided a forum with the supe to just raise his awareness level of what is happening in our office, but we ended up not taking the offer. It was just so late in the year and everyone's feeling is that it would do no good. We'll have to wait and see what next year brings.

At the moment, I really do feel myself starting to recharge. I have enough distance from last year to be able to put it away and not think about it anymore...and soon, I will be ready to spend more time anticipating the coming year.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

OMG, SG! I know it's not funny, but you had me rolling on the floor LMAO.

"The Adventures of Boss Lady 2.0 and Mighty White Boy," if expanded and published in graphic comic form, could make you a millionaire. :-)

I ran for the board in 2003 because I couldn't take it anymore. The only sane place in central admin seemed to be in C&I (the director was brainy, had background, and she cared with a capital "C" -- too bad she retired).

Now, I'm afraid if someone pinches me, I'll wake up. After hiring the new supe in 2004, things have been getting better and better and I'm getting tired of seeing all the smiling faces. (Just kidding!)

The Science Goddess said...

It really was quite the scene in our office last year. We had to look for humor along the way or we wouldn't make it!

I hope to have recoup enough strength to make it through another year with the crew. :)

Hugh O'Donnell said...

I used to tell myself, "Some years you get the bear, and some years the bear gets you."

Too bad there's not a blog out there that specializes in goofball administrator stories. I could share a few. :-)

I am a believer in karma, though. I've been around long enough to see some of it come around but good. ;-)