25 July 2007

Home Improvement

It seems like a lot of school personnel use the summer for working on their homes, in addition to some self-improvement. After a week of off and on rain here, the paint job on my house is nearly done, I'm busy redoing some planting beds in anticipation of the fall (bulbs) and next spring (flowers and veg), and slowly-but-surely working on some small indoor projects (like fixing the fluorescent light over the sink). With duties for school beginning in two weeks, time is growing short for me to deal with the long list of home improvements.

If you're one of the lucky few who can sit back today and enjoy a cool beverage, why not head over to this week's Carnival of Education. It is once again most ably hosted by the genial Mike in Texas. As always, this is our weekly opportunity to edify our minds, feed our teacher souls, and perhaps dodge another chore in the yard. :)

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