02 July 2007

Getting There Can Be More Than Half of the Fun

Some of us had a discussion at work about whether we were "journey" or "destination" people. In other words, are you the kind of person who would rather snap your fingers and be at a particular place...or do you enjoy the adventure of getting to a particular place? I tend to be more of a journey person. I like a road trip where things are on their own schedule: when you stop, where you spend the night, which route you take. (My exception to this preference is air travel...just get me there...I don't want any hassle.) A destination is what you make of it.

The past week has been a delightful combination of both journeys and destinations as my Sweetie and I took some time together. The first two days were all about the destination: a cabin by a rushing stream in the mountains. I won't reveal much more about this, as this is a G-rated blog. :) Suffice it to say that after being apart for nearly three months, we took lots of time to get to know one another all over again. It was a great way to kick off the summer holiday.

After that, we moved on down the road for two days. The first day, we stopped off to have lunch in Leavenworth, Washington---a Bavarian styled village in the Cascades, before moving on to Lake Chelan for part of the afternoon. To truly enjoy the lake area would need to be a destination in itself, so we kept heading down the highway.

This third evening led us to another cabin by the river, a small town's Friday Night Arts Walk, and the worst barbecue ever concocted (while being serenaded by a "cowboy" doing Cole Porter and Everly Brothers' tunes). Oy.

The final day of the road trip portion of our visit brought us back to my place. This was a long travel day, but very scenic. By the end of the day, even I was more about the destination than any more journey.

We've had some time at my place before ending our summer holiday together. The real world has started to creep back in again. It is always difficult to say our goodbyes, especially knowing that it will likely be a few more months before we can get away to another destination. In the meantime, we'll keep enjoying the journey. (All pictures taken by my sweetie.)


Hugh O'Donnell said...


That's definitely river canyon stuff.

(The canyon isn't my only getaway, but it's my metaphor for that whole gestalt. And it's certainly sweeter with family or someone special.)

The Science Goddess said...

It was really special---and a great way to be "forced" into getting away from work for the summer. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Mike in Texas said...

I'm a destination person, the trip to me is just wasted time

graycie said...

What a lovely time . . . good for you!