05 July 2007

Another Reason to Be Away from the NEA

Via Pharyngula...

This year's annual meeting for the National Education Association includes a booth by "Answers in Genesis," a creationist group. As Dr. Myers points out in his post:

It's rather like finding the Mafia has a booth at the police convention, but there they are, with lots of pictures, proudly peddling creationist dogma that is not legal to teach in public schools, and which can get school districts embroiled in expensive lawsuits, to teachers... I'm mystified why the NEA would allow this — any teacher in a public school who followed the advice of these clowns could land their school in very hot water, not to mention that they would be misleading and miseducating their students.

Hey, it's just another reason for the NEA (WEA, Uniserv, and Local) to suck away that $700 from my paycheck right? If a few out there teachers don't do stupid things, then what would be the point of the mob enforcement "protection" mentality that they have? Why not stoke their own fires by providing materials for teachers to get in trouble for using? I have no doubt that it would make perfect sense to the union "leadership" here.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

I took the liberty of passing your find along on my blog, SG. What's up with that?

At some point in the future, I'm going to open up a discussion on RepairKit about the efficacy of teacher unions, but that's a ways in the future.

I have some interesting stories about our local's reactions to my running for the board that will be fun to trot out.

I also have some friends who are active in the local for the right reasons. Pity they can't talk to your trog and set her straight!

The Science Goddess said...

No kidding. Sigh.

There are many of us here who feel that The Union is so far gone that there will be no reining back. It just feels hopeless.